More than 3.4 million people die each year from water sanitation and hygiene related causes, Every 21 seconds a child dies from water related illness, 80% of diseases of the today are water borne, to avert health danger from impure water, it is necassary to check the quality of the water you are drinking, using one of the best water filtration system can be a intelligent move towards prevention of hazards by contaminated water.
Designed with latest technologies we have wide range of waterpurifier that supports a robust water filtration system, which specially treats the water. Pure water which is just H2O and as a mother nature originally provided through rain and snow is vital for our physical well being, how can we get back to nature, one way to return into its original state is through reverse osmosis.

RUBICON, creates way to a safer & healthier Lifestyle through its Water Purifiers.

Industrial activities & Urban growth have increased the strain on Natural & Ecological resources.

RUBICON, a time tested and a reliable name on which people can rely & place their full confidence upon for - Pure Drinking Water.

With several years of experience in the Water Treatment Industry, we offer a variety of Services & Solutions to combat the ever-increasing demand for clean, safe drinking water.

RUBICON, comprises of a dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians & Administrators who are trained in their respective fields to provide Superior Quality Products & Unmatched Customer Service.

The company is committed to using its collective Knowledge, Experience & Expertise to Develop Products, Systems & Services, which are Incorporated into the Widest Range of Water Treatment Equipments. The expertise required to maintain such high Standard of Systems & Services comes from ongoing R&D of Process & Control, Manufacturing Technology & Colloidal Chemistry.

RUBICON believes in providing most reliable and cost effective services that meet clients satisfaction and approvals because the price you pay is the quality you afford to purchase.

With offices based in all over the Mumbai, " RUBICON " has a city presence and can meet its client requirements Competitively & Efficiently.