Compaq Ro
Compaq (Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier)

4 Stage RO Purification Process

  • Stage 1 : Inline Sediment Filter
    Removed dirt, sediments, sands and other physical particles
  • Stage 2 : PreGranular Carbon Filter
    Removes Colour, Odour, Free Chloring & absorbs Organics
  • Stage 3 : RO Membrane
    Removes undesirable Toxic Chemicals, Dissolved Solids, Virus & Backteria
  • Stage 4 : Post RO Carbon
    An in-line polisher that restores the natural taste of water

Product Specification
Model Compaq
Tank Capacity 08 Ltrs
Production Capacity 11-15 Ltrs / Hr
Dimension 352 x 316 x 457mm(L x W x H)
Weight 10.5kgs. (Approx)
Power Rating 25 Watts
  1. Reverse Osmosis water purifier that purifies stored tank water(even hard water) to sweet and pure drinking water.
  2. Elegant transparent Tank to protect from dust and moisture
  3. Makes purest water & removes both dissolved and insoluble impurities
  4. Low cost on maintenance and consumables.
  5. Very high purifying capacity upto 15 Ltrs./Hr
  6. 8Ltrs. Purified water storage capacity purified water available on demand even in absence of electricity.
  7. Ideal for installation on kitchen wall