Rubicon UV 3-S


Did you know that?

What is essential for life. We can go for weeks without food but without water we die in a matter of days
Unfortunately, the water we consume can pe polluted. Polluted water may look clean, a nd even taste okay, but may contain germs and other impurities that causes water borne diseases.


3 Stage UV Purification Process

  • Stage 1 : Pre Filter
    The water first passes through the pre-filter which incorporates a specially developed multi-layered catridge which drains out physically impurities present in the wwater such as dust, dirt and mud.
  • Stage 2 : Activated Carbon
    In this stage, the water passes through specially treated, silver impregnated activated carbon which reduces colour, odour, organic impurities and free gases like chlorine.
  • Stage 3 : UV Chamber
    This chamber is fitted with an ultra violet tube which gives adequate doses of UV radiation effective enough to disintefrate the DNA of the biological forms, specially coming from bacteria and other forms of harmful pathogens. The water stays in this chamber for 10 sec. This treatment has been documented as a proven method for eliminating water borne disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Product Specification
Model Rubicon UV-3S
Dimensions 355 x 100.8 x 30.2mm(H x D x W)
Net Weight 5kgs
Ultraviolet Lamp 8 Watts
Power Rating 30 Watts
Rated Voltage 250V 50 Hz.
Water Pressure 0.4 kg/ (min)
2.0 kg/ (max)
Water Flow Rate 2 l.p.m
Fuse 0.5Amp. (F)

Bacteria and Viruses are known carriers of Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhoea, Polio, Jaundica diseases. Mostly Bacteria & Viruses flourish in the Summer and monsoon days. It is impossible to detect whether bacteria and viruses are present in your drinking water without microscope help. This is dangerous for your Health, make sure that water you drink is safe and clean